What Are Misc. Metals?

Misc. Metals: “Miscellaneous Metals (or Iron) is an intricate but necessary component of buildings—and requires intricate and necessary communication and documentation.”

Miscellaneous Metals are more essential than you might think when it comes to the many aspects that are involved when it comes to building anything from a  small store sign or a corporate logo on a building, the staircase in your home, even the railings; these are a few examples of what misc. metals are.

Miscellaneous metals consist of any job or task that requires a contractor or welder to outsource their work to a local fabricator that can create the right materials at the exact dimensions for the job at hand.


Who Uses Misc. Metals?

While miscellaneous metals are used for a large majority of construction jobs both large or small; the process usually begins by contracting professional metal fabricator to create the necessary designs & measurements for contractors. Upon delivery to the job site, it falls upon welders to connect the structural aspects of the job to the misc. metal task. However, professionals are not the only individuals who utilize misc. metals on the job, If you are a hobbyist that frequently works with metal and need a specific cut for a project, most fabricators will be able to assist in creating exactly what you need, all you need to do is call!

Contractors can utilize fabricators for any construction project as it allows you to decentralize your workload. If you have a large project and are on a tight deadline, hiring multiple fabricators can ensure that the job stays ahead of schedule, and reduces the likelihood of missing necessary components,

A Commercial example of this process would be if you planned to redo the spiral staircase in your home, however, instead of wooden railings, you opt for metal or Iron. The first step would be to call a general contractor who would then come out to the home, provide a quote, and begin his work. While working on the wooden stairwell, the contractor may reach out to a local fabricator to fabricate your new stairwell. While this process may lower the profit on the job it is generally less expensive and time-consuming to have a 3rd party facilitate any fabrications.

A Hobbyist or Residential example of Misc. Metals would be for a homeowner that is in need of a custom support for the cooling system, this would be considered a misc. metals job. – The Individual provides the exact specs for the job and the fabricator will cut & shape it to those exact dimensions.

Common Uses for Misc. Metals

Miscellaneous Metals are used for a variety of tasks while on a construction job, below is a list of common items that are considered Misc. Metals

  • Stairs
  • Handrails
  • Inserts
  • Curb Angles
  • Sill Angles
  • Relieving Angles
  • Canopies
  • Custom Gates
  • Decorative Metal Designs
  • Hangars
  • Ladders
  • Mansard Frames
  • Small Supporting Structures
  • Supports for Mechanical Units (HVAC & Ventilation)
  • Supports for Electrical Equipment

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