A close-up of a metal flame cutter at work. You can see the flame cutting circular holes in a piece of sheet metal.

When To Use Flame Cutting Services

When it comes to metalworking, there are a ton of different methods you can use to get your desired product. Each one of these different methods is better for some applications than they are for others, so you’ll need to do a lot of thinking before you decide which one to use. In fact, there are some metalworking methods that aren’t effective for some of them! When it comes to flame cutting, this is no different. So, when should you use this method? Here are the places where you can get the most effectiveness from the technique!

You Need A Cheap Process

One of the great things about metal flame cutting is that it’s a process that is relatively cheap to do. This is because it’s a process that can be performed from practically anywhere! Unlike a lot of other metalworking techniques, flame cutting is a method that does not require a machine to be plugged into an electrical socket. The only things that you’ll need to successfully power a flame cutting machine is an oxygen tank, a torch, and a striker (besides the other necessary materials), so you won’t need to worry about costly electrical power. It’s also a much faster process than some of the others, meaning that the labor costs won’t be as high.

You Need To Cut Through Thick Material

Like all other metalworking applications, flame cutting has a specific area where it is most effective. Because flame cutting is a very powerful process, it has the ability to cut through very thick materials. For this reason, flame cutting services are most effective when used with thick steel alloys, carbon alloys and cast irons. It can also be used to cut metals that have the thickness of sheet metal, but thicker metals are where flame cutting is most effective. It can even cut through metals that are several feet thick! If you have a metal like this that you need cut or shaped, flame cutting can be an effective technique to take advantage of.

Use Flame Cutting With Markham Metals

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A closeup of a machine used to cut metal. You can see a conveyer belt leading into the base of the machine.

Benefits of Metal Saw Cutting

When it comes to working with metal, it can be difficult to decipher which processes to utilize to achieve a desired product. After all, different metal applications use all sorts of methods to get them their desired shape and size! One of the methods that is more commonly used to achieve this is metal saw cutting. Out of all the different ways to bend and shape metal, what makes metal saw cutting stand out? We highlight all of the benefits that metal saw cutting can offer!

It Simplifies Welding

In order to start the process of metal welding, the metal needs to be the exact right shape and size. Finding metals with the appropriate dimensions is not only difficult, but incredibly time consuming. Thankfully, saw cutting eliminates this hassle! Saw cutting can help get metals used in items like tubing and rods down to the appropriate size for welding. Eliminate the costly search process by using this method!

It Reduces Waste

As a metalworker, the last thing you want to have happen is have precious materials go to waste. The amount of material waste that is generated from a metalworking job largely depends on how precise you can be with your metal cutting. Saw cutting allows for incredible amounts of precision in your metal cutting. This ensures that you have a lot more workable material and reduces the amount of waste product that your metalworking job generates.

It Can Be Used With Many Metals

One of the disadvantages of some metalworking techniques is that they tend to be limited on what types of metal that they are compatible with. With metal saw cutting, this isn’t the case! Saw cutting is compatible with all sorts of different metals, from some of the strongest alloys out there to thinner metals like aluminum. This flexibility also allows saw cutting to be used in a wide variety of applications and jobs. If you’re looking for a metalworking technique for your job, give saw cutting some consideration!

Metal Saw Cutting Services at Markham Metals

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