A close up of several brass rods of varying sizes and thickness. The background is completely white.

Which Metal Alloy Is The Most Useful?

You may not be thinking of it, but metal alloys play a lot greater of a role in our daily lives than you might think! A metal alloy refers to a metal that has been combined with one or more elements on the periodic table. They don’t just have to be combined with metals, either! The final product is truly unlike any other. Their flexibility and unique properties make them useful in a variety of areas. But, out of all the metal alloys, which one is the most useful? That question is not an easy one to answer; we break it down for you below!

The Strongest Alloy

A characteristic that’s widely sought after by those that use metal alloys is strength. It’s easy to see why that is; a lot of metal alloys get used in different construction projects, from high rise buildings to household appliances. For the purpose of pure strength, the strongest metal alloy out there is steel. Steel is a combination of iron and carbon, and it’s superior strength makes it useful for things like building construction and vehicle parts. However, base strength isn’t the only desirable quality in a metal alloy!

Best Thermal Conductor

Another desirable property that’s desired by those that seek metal alloys is the ability to conduct heat. This is actually something that steel is the worst at! An alloy that’s exceptionally good at conducting heat is brass. Brass is made from copper, which is already a stellar heat conductor, and zinc. It’s used in a lot of home plumbing pipes and electrical sockets for this purpose. One of the reasons that metal alloys are created is to upgrade the best qualities of the metals used, and brass is an excellent example of this.

Best Corrosion Resistance

Corrosion resistance is widely sought after by metal alloy users. After all, you don’t want your metals to break down if you have an important use for them! One of the best metal alloys when it comes to corrosion resistance is stainless steel. Unlike regular steel, stainless steel is made with a little bit of chromium, which is exceptional for this quality. It’s used in a lot of cookware that can’t afford to corrode. So, there is no concrete answer as to which metal alloy is the most useful, but there are some that are most useful for their qualities!

Metalworking at Markham Metals

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A metal welder in a protective mask and equipment uses a tool to weld a piece of metal.

Benefits of Metal Welding

There are plenty of different ways to shape and form metal to make it usable for a variety of applications. Some methods are more popular than others due to their effectiveness at getting the job done, and other methods are only applicable to certain types of metal. One of the most popular ways of forming metal is metal welding – and it can offer a ton of benefits if done properly! We’ve assembled the best benefits that this practice has to offer below.

There Are Multiple Ways To Weld

A lot of other metalworking techniques have a strict set of guidelines to follow in order to achieve a desired result. When you weld metal, there are actually a few different processes associated with it! Some of the most popular metal welding methods are laser welding, arc welding and gas welding. All of these use different tools to weld their metal into the desired shape. There are a lot more processes to metal welding than you would think!

It’s Relatively Cheap

Depending on the tools you need for your preferred welding method, metal welding can be a pretty cheap process! Many of the tools associated with it are inexpensive and relatively easy to find. It helps explain why metal welding is so popular; because it’s a relatively cheap process, it can be used over and over again to achieve your desired results. It should also go without saying that more expensive processes can’t be performed as often, making this a desirable alternative.

It Can Be Used For A Variety of Applications

Because there are so many different processes that are associated with metal welding, it should go without saying that metal welding has a wide variety of different uses. For example, Tungsten Inert Gas welding, or TIG for short, can be used to make things like bike frames and door handles. On the other hand, a process like gas welding can be used to form different car parts. Resistance welding is another welding technique that’s used for a lot of household appliances.

Metalworking Services at Markham Metals

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