A plasma cutting machine can be seen. A computer interface is closest to view, with the machinery and mechanics behind it.

Benefits of Plasma Cutting

When it comes to metalworking, there are tons of different ways to cut metal. We aren’t just talking about the shapes it can be fashioned into – we’re talking about the ways of cutting the metal! One popular way of accomplishing this is by using plasma cutting. It’s used to cut metals of varying thickness, using a plasma torch to get the job done. While it might sound like a basic process, there are actually a lot of benefits to employing this method. Read on to find out all of the benefits that plasma cutting can offer!

Plasma Makes Cuts Quickly and Efficiently

The job of any metal cutting process is to ensure that the metal is cut efficiently. With plasma cutting, this is no different. Plasma cutting can precisely and effectively cut metals to their desired dimensions. However, there’s something that makes plasma cutting stand a “cut” above the other methods – time!

Plasma cutting can be done at almost 4 times the speed of similar techniques. It makes the process a lot more viable when working with several different jobs, but it also has other hidden perks! Quicker metal cutting speeds reduce the risk of erroneous cuts, distortion and metal abrasion. When you use plasma cutting, your metal will look better, faster!

Plasma Cutting is Versatile

Part of the reason why there are so many ways of cutting metal is because not every technique is compatible with all metals. Luckily, plasma cutting is more versatile than most! The sheer workability of this technique makes it compatible with various types of metals. Brass, steel, copper, and aluminum are some of the many materials that can utilize plasma cutting.

Plasma Cutting Is Safer and Cost Effective

Using plasma to cut through metal may sound dangerous at first, but it’s actually a lot safer than other methods! Plasma cutting relies on non-flammable gases in order to get the job done, which makes it a much safer alternative. Using flammable gas-related cutting methods comes with its own share of dangers, which plasma cutting eliminates.

It’s also cost effective – since plasma cutters require very little maintenance, you won’t need to worry about replacing them very often. They don’t require a lot of training in order to operate, so those costs are eliminated as well! Many people choose to go the route of plasma cutting thanks to its minimal dangerousness and cost effectiveness.

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A worker uses a shearing machine to shear a thin piece of metal.

Benefits of Metal Shearing

Metal is all around us, and plays an important role in the manufacturing industry. Making metal for specific needs is a whole industry in itself, but not every way of cutting metal to size is made equal. Metal shearing is a specific type of metal cutting that has been growing in popularity, and there’s plenty of reasons why! 

What Is It?

Metal shearing is a type of metal cutting that uses force to cut the metal. The type of force that’s applied is a shearing force, hence the name metal shearing. The metal is held in place, the size of the cut that’s needed is determined, and then two blades use their force to cut through the metal. Typically, one of the blades moves towards the metal, while the other blade is stationary against the metal throughout the shearing process. 

Minimal Waste

Metal shearing produces little to no waste. This is obviously beneficial to the environment, but it also helps speed up the manufacturing process. It also reduces the cost of production, since money isn’t being turned into wasted product as the metal is cut to size. Straight lines can be cut on sheet rock, and the blades can even be mounted at an angle to cut small lengths of material at a time. Metal shearing is the only method of metal cutting that is that precise, versatile, and adaptable to the job at hand. 

Clean and Straight Cuts

Traditional torch cutting provides a good cut, but metal shearing takes it to the next level. A cut made with shearing is a perfectly clean cut every time. Even softer materials that are typically difficult to cut cleanly can be cut using metal shearing with a great end result. 


In addition to being able to cut nearly any type of metal, shearing offers great versatility for different types of cuts. Shearing can be done at almost any diameter and lengths as small as 0.750”. High out-put operations can benefit from using metal shearing because the same method can be used for nearly all of their cuts. It produces minimal waste, and in turn, improves their overall level of efficiency. Improved efficiency and less waste mean higher profit margins and a better work environment for employees, which is something that every business wants! 

If you’d like to learn more about metal products and metal shearing, call Markham Metals today! We have experience with a wide variety of metal types and extensive knowledge of how to perform metal shearing to get the best results. One of our highly-trained team members would be happy to explain our available products and services to you so you can start improving your metal cutting processes today!

galvanized steel

Benefits Of Galvanizing Steel

Corrosion occurs when various elements come in contact with steel. When corrosion occurs, the strength and longevity of the steel diminish tremendously. This is an issue for a variety of reasons. It means more money you have to spend on steel in the future and a low-quality result. The foundation of steel can break much easier. Here are some reasons as to why you need to start galvanizing on your next project. 

Hot Dip Galvanizing

This process is when steel is immersed in hot molten-zinc, which results in a bond that makes a tough and durable coat that provides an extra layer for durability. This gives your steel a competitive advantage and raises the overall quality of your product. The process of galvanizing steel can make your steel an overall 10X than if you used a different method. That sounds like a great return on investment! 

Should I Use Galvanizing Techniques?

The answer largely depends on your budget and the end goal of your products. Galvanizing ultimately doesn’t prevent rusting forever. Some metals will experience corrosion regardless if you use galvanizing techniques or not, so do your due diligence before deciding. The best method of galvanizing correctly is to use experts to do it for you. This will ensure that you have the best-galvanized products, so you don’t need to worry about execution. 

Extra Benefits Of Galvanizing Steel

The benefits of galvanizing don’t stop above. There are more! Galvanizing steel generally has a low cost. The reason for this is that once your materials are galvanized, they are ready to go. There’s no set-up cost or more coats of materials needed. There is also zero maintenance required for your freshly galvanized products. They can halt any severe weather that typically would cause erosion among metal products.

What Industries Does This Benefit:

Almost any industry can benefit from galvanized metal. The reason being is, metals are used in tons of products! Whether you are a car manufacturer, bicycle maker, construction company, railroad builder, etc. You are using metals every day. Galvanizing steel has been around for a long time, and that’s due to its high success rate. If you work with metal, there’s a good chance you should be galvanizing. 

Galvanizing Services At Markham Metals

At Markham Metals, we streamline the process of you having high-quality and durable metal. Bring the metals to us, and we will handle the rest. Our galvanizing professionals are elite at what they do and provide world-class service. To get started, click this link or give us a call today.

water jet cutting

Benefits Of Water Jet Cutting

The water jet is one of the most versatile tools in our entire arsenal. The benefits of using a water jet machine cannot be explained unless the person has a grasp on what a water jet machine is, which is a machine used to erode metal through high-pressure water. The process is very similar to water erosion, which is found in nature but accelerated by technology. 


A pump pressurizes water at an extremely high level then garnet is pumped into the stream. This allows the water jet machine to cut thick or thin metals, and the results are phenomenal. There are plenty of benefits of water jet cutting when dealing with metals, and here are a few of them.

Can Cut Almost Any Material.

An excellent reason to consider water jet cutting for your next project is the variety of materials that it can cut through to give you the desired product. It’s a fast and efficient machine that offers incredible flexibility. It can cut irregular shapes with pinpoint precision for the most challenging cuts. It leaves a smooth cut that’s so precise that it does not require additional finishing once the process is finished. Another benefit that goes hand in hand with this is that it can cut materials sensitive to high heat, which is a byproduct of other types of cutting. Hello burr-free edges! 

Environmentally Friendly.

Water jet cutting is very environmentally friendly! It does not believe any hazardous waste or fumes/gasses. There’s also no chips or grindings left behind during this process. The only byproduct? Water. This means that you are not only getting the right cut you want, but you’re also helping the environment by not releasing dangerous fumes into the atmosphere during your project. 

Saves Time and Minimize Risk.

Water jet cutting is one of the most efficient processes due to the precise results. It requires no finishing afterward, which makes a quick process that saves you time. It also does not have a heat-affected zone, eliminating the possibility of a worker getting burned by a hot material. With a combination of efficiency and low risk, water jet cutting is an elite method of getting the job done.   

Water Jet Cutting With Markham Metals.

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metal fabrication

The Industry Of Metal Fabrication

When you think about metal fabrication, what comes to your mind? The fabrication of engineered structures from raw metal materials? Then, you’re not wrong! Metal fabrication covers everything around the process of building structures as well as machines from metal materials. In essence, everything that has to do with having to cut, burn, and weld metal materials is referred to as the metal fabrication process. It also involves the machining, forming, and assembly of metal in order to create a product or machinery.

The Metal Fabrication Industry

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that the metal fabrication industry has over 1.4 million employed workers in the US. There are different experts performing various distinctive roles to keep the production cycle spinning. Experts such as welders, brazzers, machinists, solder’s, and cutters are key parts of the entire metal fabrication process. Other top-roles such as the operators, supervisors, and managers are put in place to ensure that the entire process is seamless.

As an industry, metal fabrication has a vast range of application and consumer base. There are a plethora of products that can be used in various industries, homes, and sites. This is why professionals such as ironworkers, blacksmiths, welders, and other related workers are often in demand in various industries.

Applications of Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication process is a major part of the manufacturing industry and the formation of essential equipment. From tiny teaspoons to heavy duty machineries, the application of metal fabrication cuts across diverse products. Other specific areas of metal fabrication include hardware manufacturing, wire manufacturing, and architectural structure construction. 

Other subtle areas such as cutlery making, forging, stamping, as well as the manufacturing bolts, nuts, and screws are also part of metal fabrication. One great thing about metal fabrication shops or centers is that many of the processes required to create a product are available under the same roof.

Economic Growth Rate & the Metal Fabrication Industry

For some time now, metal fabrication has remained one of the most lucrative industries. Every business strongly relies on economic stability to enjoy profitability. The same goes for the metal fabrication industry which has continued to thrive and flourish under the economic strength of the previous years.

It’s a no brainer that when the local economy blossoms, consumers would be financially buoyant enough to make more purchases such as cars, jets, boats, and other large items. What this means for the metal fabrication industry is more projects, more opportunities, and more need for the development of commercial machinery.  Although the metal fabrication industry  is still dependent on the growth of other sectors, it has been able to find strong footing as an inevitable contributor to the construction economy.

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