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Benefits of Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is one of the most widely used metals for construction materials.  This is due to its strength, versatility, and recyclability.  Stainless steel is the go to metal for many projects such as architecture, landscaping, interior construction, and engineering.  Let’s discuss the benefits of stainless steel and how it can be cost efficient.  

What is Stainless Steel Used For? 

Stainless steel is a low carbon steel alloy containing chromium along with varying amounts of silicon and manganese.  Chromium gives the steel its durability by hardening and increasing its corrosion resistance in high heat or oxygenated environments.  In some grades of stainless steel nickel and molybdenum are also present to further increase corrosion resistance.  

Types of Stainless Steel

Stainless steel can be separated into five categories.  The five most basic types of stainless steel are: 

  • Ferritic: Chromium-based that holds less than 10% of carbon.  
  • Austenitic: The most common type.  
  • Martensitic: Very similar to Ferritic, but with higher carbon concentration.  Offers high strength but lacks corrosion resistance.  
  • Duplex: Approximately 50% Ferritic and 50% Austenitic known for its high strength and resistance but fragile during welding.  
  • Precipitation Hardening (PH): Comparable to Austenitic steel given extremely high strength, with the addition of copper, niobium, and aluminum.  

What Are The Cost Benefits of Stainless Steel?

Overall, stainless steel will have a larger initial cost than lesser quality materials.  However, over time it has shown to be cost efficient due to its durability.  While other materials will need maintenance and replacement, stainless steel will hold and fight off rusts for years.  Stainless steel also offers protection against heat, tensile strength, and hygienic benefits.  Depending on the grade certain types of stainless steel can maintain strength at extremely high temperatures.  While not all grades will show the same to temperature resistance, there is stainless steel to meet the needs of nearly any environment.

Thanks to its chemical makeup, stainless steel naturally rejects the growth of bacteria and other pathogens.  It is also easy and effortless to clean.  All that is needed is a quick wipe down and if you are looking to go the extra mile you can even finish the surface with a polish.  Making stainless steel the perfect long term and low maintenance option.    

Markham Metal Has The Stainless Steel You Need

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