Cold formed steel stacked.

Advantages of Using Cold Formed Steel

When it comes to cold formed steel there are many advantages of utilizing this building material.  Cold formed steel (CFS) is quickly becoming the most desired building material for developers looking to maximize their ROI.  It is stable, cost effective, durable, and architecturally flexible.  CF steel has had a lasting impact in many industries including the commercial construction industry.  Created by roll-forming components of sheets of structural quality steel, at room temperature, CFS offers many advantages.  Let’s go over them in more detail.


When it comes to the debate of if you should utilize cold formed steel or hot rolled steel ScienceDirect indicates that cold formed steel is 20% stronger than hot rolled steel.  Much of the strength of CFS comes from the strain hardening that occurs as the rollers compress.  The pressure in which CFS is formed makes it impenetrable to rot, mold, and damages caused by insects, termites, and vermin.  It is this durability that makes CFS so ideal for construction.  It does not split, shrink, or expand/contract with moisture content.  


Each piece of CFS contains a minimum of 25% recycled content,  while steel framing typically contains 67%.  On top of that CFS provides less waste and accurate framing/sizing.  This uniformity in manufacturing results in scraps being able to be completely recycled.  Another great aspect of CFS is the benefit to the environment as well as allergy and asthma sufferers.  Cold formed steel does not emit volatile organic compounds meaning fewer toxins in the air translates to less respiratory irritation for all.


Another advantage CFS brings is the actual construction process.  Due to cold formed steel being light, shipping and handling is often easy.  Moreover, CFS products are roll-formed into the exact shapes and sizes required for each job.  This process makes assembly fast and foolproof along with making installation easier for framers.  

Steel framing even speeds up construction time because CFS panels can come with pre-punched holes, allowing for the rapid running of electrical wires, plumbing, and mechanical installation.  Furthermore, the strength of cold formed steel translates to less material, so there are fewer studs to install.


CFS framing already dominates the market for interior, non loadbearing partition walls in commercial construction.  Advanced technological advancements, however, now make cold formed steel suitable for a multitude of structural applications including: 

  • Low to mid-rise construction
  • Multi-unit buildings
  • Residential housing
  • Student dormitories 
  • Hotels
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Post frame structures 
  • Warehouses
  • Sheds
  • Garages

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