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The Easiest Way To Cut Metal Fast

The right tools always come in handy for quick tasks around our homes, offices, and major projects. And when it comes to emergency metal cutting, it is essential to choose your go-to tools carefully. Metals come in different shapes, sizes, and textures. While some, like aluminum and copper, are much easier to cut, metals like steel and titanium are complex materials and may give you a hard time cutting. In this blog, you’ll learn easy tools to cut your metals quickly.  

What is the Easiest Way to Cut Metal Fast?

Our top recommendation for the easiest way to cut metal fast is to use an angle grinder. Angle grinders are portable mechanical tools designed for multipurpose uses like cutting, polishing, and grinding. These devices have a spinning disc intended to slice through metal. However, it would help if you used this tool with the utmost care to avoid potential hazards. Apart from using an angle grinder, here are four other easy ways to cut metal fast.

Water Jet Cutter for Titanium and Hard Metals

Water jet cutters let out pressurized water through a nozzle at an intensity that cuts smoothly through metal. This method is better suited for heavy metal cutting projects handled by professionals. However, it remains an easy way to get clean, precise cuts on metal and other materials like foam, glass, and even stone. When using a water jet cutter, it is necessary to use safety equipment and conduct the exercise in a contained area.

Circular Saw for Non-Ferrous Metals

Circular saws help cut metals like aluminum, lead, and copper. Because these metals do not contain iron, it’s much easier to cut through them. The trick to getting easy cuts when using a circular saw is ensuring the saw blade is ferrous metal. You can find this information on the label of the blade. 

Tin Snips for Thin Metal Sheets

Thin metal sheets tend to bend or crimp when you cut them with heavy cutting tools. So, if you are working with thin sheets or need to take a slight edge off, use a tin snip. They also lose their sharp edges quickly, so you will need spares, depending on how much metal you are working with.


If you don’t have access to a mechanical tool, using a hacksaw is also effective in cutting metal. The Hacksaw is a popular tool for cutting metal amongst many users, both DIYers and professionals. Its popularity is due to its easy availability in most toolboxes. When using a hacksaw, you may need to switch your hacksaw blade from the wooden alternatives to a metal blade designed to cut metal. Using a hacksaw for metal cutting requires some elbow work and is most suitable for simple metal-cutting tasks.

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While there are several cutting tools for metal, you can only get the best out of your tool when you use it on a suitable metal. Heavy-duty tools should not be used on thin strips or metal rods, and vice versa. Overall, personal safety should be noticed while handling these cutting devices. Ensure the use of the appropriate cutting tool or employ the services of a professional. So, hire a professional today, like Markham Metals, instead of splurging on big tools for that summer project. Markham Metals, based out of Wilmington, MA, can make custom metal deliveries all over New England. Contact us by calling (978) 658-1121 or filling out our contact form.