A worker uses a shearing machine to shear a thin piece of metal.

Benefits of Metal Shearing

Metal is all around us, and plays an important role in the manufacturing industry. Making metal for specific needs is a whole industry in itself, but not every way of cutting metal to size is made equal. Metal shearing is a specific type of metal cutting that has been growing in popularity, and there’s plenty of reasons why! 

What Is It?

Metal shearing is a type of metal cutting that uses force to cut the metal. The type of force that’s applied is a shearing force, hence the name metal shearing. The metal is held in place, the size of the cut that’s needed is determined, and then two blades use their force to cut through the metal. Typically, one of the blades moves towards the metal, while the other blade is stationary against the metal throughout the shearing process. 

Minimal Waste

Metal shearing produces little to no waste. This is obviously beneficial to the environment, but it also helps speed up the manufacturing process. It also reduces the cost of production, since money isn’t being turned into wasted product as the metal is cut to size. Straight lines can be cut on sheet rock, and the blades can even be mounted at an angle to cut small lengths of material at a time. Metal shearing is the only method of metal cutting that is that precise, versatile, and adaptable to the job at hand. 

Clean and Straight Cuts

Traditional torch cutting provides a good cut, but metal shearing takes it to the next level. A cut made with shearing is a perfectly clean cut every time. Even softer materials that are typically difficult to cut cleanly can be cut using metal shearing with a great end result. 


In addition to being able to cut nearly any type of metal, shearing offers great versatility for different types of cuts. Shearing can be done at almost any diameter and lengths as small as 0.750”. High out-put operations can benefit from using metal shearing because the same method can be used for nearly all of their cuts. It produces minimal waste, and in turn, improves their overall level of efficiency. Improved efficiency and less waste mean higher profit margins and a better work environment for employees, which is something that every business wants! 

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