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Benefits Of Water Jet Cutting

The water jet is one of the most versatile tools in our entire arsenal. The benefits of using a water jet machine cannot be explained unless the person has a grasp on what a water jet machine is, which is a machine used to erode metal through high-pressure water. The process is very similar to water erosion, which is found in nature but accelerated by technology. 


A pump pressurizes water at an extremely high level then garnet is pumped into the stream. This allows the water jet machine to cut thick or thin metals, and the results are phenomenal. There are plenty of benefits of water jet cutting when dealing with metals, and here are a few of them.

Can Cut Almost Any Material.

An excellent reason to consider water jet cutting for your next project is the variety of materials that it can cut through to give you the desired product. It’s a fast and efficient machine that offers incredible flexibility. It can cut irregular shapes with pinpoint precision for the most challenging cuts. It leaves a smooth cut that’s so precise that it does not require additional finishing once the process is finished. Another benefit that goes hand in hand with this is that it can cut materials sensitive to high heat, which is a byproduct of other types of cutting. Hello burr-free edges! 

Environmentally Friendly.

Water jet cutting is very environmentally friendly! It does not believe any hazardous waste or fumes/gasses. There’s also no chips or grindings left behind during this process. The only byproduct? Water. This means that you are not only getting the right cut you want, but you’re also helping the environment by not releasing dangerous fumes into the atmosphere during your project. 

Saves Time and Minimize Risk.

Water jet cutting is one of the most efficient processes due to the precise results. It requires no finishing afterward, which makes a quick process that saves you time. It also does not have a heat-affected zone, eliminating the possibility of a worker getting burned by a hot material. With a combination of efficiency and low risk, water jet cutting is an elite method of getting the job done.   

Water Jet Cutting With Markham Metals.

Are you thinking about using a water jet machine for your next project? Our water jet cutting service can cut various shapes, patterns, and parts out of metals. If you are looking for a business that does superb water jet cutting, contact Markham Metals for a quote or give us a call today. 

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