Several exposed copper wires with black tape around them lie on a white surface.

Best Applications For Copper

When it comes to the metals in our lives, their properties make them useful for a wide variety of applications. However, no two metals will be used the same way! Every metal has a unique set of properties which determine the areas that it would be most useful in. When talking about flexibility in those traits, there aren’t many metals on Earth that do it better than copper! To show you just how flexible copper is in a variety of industries, we’ll go over some of the most practical applications for it!


If you’re at home now, get up from where you’re standing and walk over to the kitchen. Take a look around the room. For every household appliance you see, there’s a good chance that they utilize copper wiring in their designs! Amongst the other properties of this metal, copper is a fantastic conductor of electricity. This makes it the primary choice for metal wiring in many electrical appliances, from your microwave oven to telephone pole wiring.

Copper Pipes

Copper is all around you in more ways than you think! Many homes utilize copper pipes in their plumbing systems, and they’re a big part of what makes them run so efficiently. One of the properties that makes copper so useful across industries is its superior resistance to corrosion. This is why the metal holds up so well despite constant influence from water. In fact, copper pipes won’t need much replacing over the course of your lifetime.

Copper Gutters

Your gutters are the last line of defense between your home and the ugly outside elements that could cause damage to its foundation. If you haven’t already guessed, the corrosion resistance that copper displays makes them an ideal choice for those looking to get gutters installed on their homes. It isn’t just the corrosion resistance that makes copper desirable here, either; copper gutters are known to change color to a unique shade of green. It doesn’t affect their performance at all, but it does add a little curb appeal to your home!

Metalworking at Markham Metals

If you need copper fashioned a certain way for your next application, bring it to Markham Metals! We offer a variety of different metalworking services to bend, shape and form metal to the specifications that you desire. We also carry our own in-line supply of certain metals! For all of your metalworking needs, contact Markham Metals today.

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