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How To Deal With Damaged Metal

If your business orders a shipment of metal, receiving low-quality or damaged shipments can be costly. Whenever this happens, you must take appropriate steps to safeguard your investment. In this blog, we will explore a few steps that you can take to make sure you get the metal you paid for.

Take Photos or Make Videos

What proof do you have to show that the metal you received was damaged? As soon as you notice any damage, document the extent of damage by taking photos and videos of the shipment, including any packaging materials, labels, and delivery documentation. This is evidence and helps you build a strong case when communicating with your supplier or vendor. After keeping a visual record of the damage through documentation, it is best to speak with your metal supplier or vendor. They may have incorrectly recorded your product specifications or missed a step in the QA process. Either way, they’ll know the product’s condition when it leaves their facility. This can help you resolve the issue quickly.

Get In Touch with Your Vendor

Contact the seller or manufacturer of the metal product. If you sourced the material through a vendor, they’re also responsible for addressing the issue. But if you directly arrange the shipment yourself, it’s your responsibility to initiate the claims process. Nowadays, most freight carriers document transit damage before unloading the shipment. Tracking such issues on a Bill of Lading (BOL) or packing paperwork is usually a part of the company’s operations. If you suspect the damage occurred in transit, you must mention it on the paperwork before signing off. So, if you want to file a claim, the document will prove it. You must file a complaint with the shipping company if the metal was damaged before shipping. This way, you’ll be able to get a replacement or reimbursement. Check the terms and conditions of your shipping contract and provide the necessary documents, such as delivery receipts and photographs.

Think About Other Options

Now that you’ve contacted your vendor, filed a claim with the manufacturer’s shipping company, or spoken to the manufacturer, you’ll have to consider how you’ll move forward. You’re probably wondering if getting a replacement or reimbursement at this time is best — this depends on the extent of the damage. You may need expedited shipping if there’s an urgent project to take care of. Re-check your requirements for the metal product, such as the quantity, quality, and grade. If the damage has affected the quality of the metal, it might be necessary to adjust your project plans or seek a different type of metal product altogether.

Prevention In The Future

You’ll need to communicate your expectations to your seller to prevent this from happening down the line. Make sure to specify the type of shipment you need and document any agreed-upon specifications to avoid problems down the line. This way, you’ll be able to ensure that the product meets your requirements.

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Comparing The Different Methods of Metal Polishing

The technique for metal surface polishing is one of the greatest ways to make pieces look good. With a polished surface finish, these components perform better and last longer. Over time, metal surfaces frequently discolor. The surfaces of such metals often become compromised by exposure to high temperatures and wear levels. A polished metal component, however, is shielded from contaminants and oxidation. Here are some of the most common polishing methods for metals in addition to their advantages and disadvantages:

Chemical Polishing

The protruding portion of a material surface is preferentially dissolved in a chemical media during this polishing surface finish. After the procedure, a smooth surface is desired. The chemical solution plus galvanic couples impact the metal surface during the chemical polishing. However, chemical polishing often results in the micro-roughness component being polished and smoothed. Additionally, the top layer of the element dissolves as a result.

Mechanical Polishing

This polishing technique relies on cutting or plastic deformation of the material’s surface. The surface is then made smooth by eliminating polished convexities. Sandpaper, flat wheels, abrasive sticks, and other materials are frequently used in mechanical polishing. Using specialized abrasive tools and pushing them on the surface of a treated workpiece is how ultra-precision polishing is done. The entire procedure rotates quickly in a polishing solution that contains abrasives. 

Electrolytic Polishing

This kind of polishing is sometimes referred to as electrolytic polishing. You could occasionally hear anodic polishing. Electrolytic and anodic polishing relate to a polished surface finish that operates similarly to chemical polishing. Protrusions on metal surfaces are dissolved using chemical solutions as part of this procedure to obtain a better surface finish. The cathode reaction does not impact electrolytic polishing, unlike chemical polishing. By polishing the metal component, extra materials are removed. Doing so smoothens the part’s troughs and micro-peaks, lessens surface roughness, and enhances surface polish.

Reasons Why Electropolishing is Better Than Mechanical Polishing

  • Because of the higher densities at high spots, burrs may be removed much more quickly. As a result, the final product has a smooth, clean surface.
  • It shrinks the material’s surface area to a tiny size. As a result, there is a general decrease in product adhesion and contaminant buildup.
  • It enhances the machined part’s appearance. Surfaces on tiny scales are cleaned and smoothed when electropolishing is done correctly.

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Markham Metals is the most trusted metal service business in the New England region. There are different metal polishing methods, each with pros and cons for the metal it is used. However, it needs considerable attention and decision-making in choosing the right metal polishing method for the metal in question. For questions on our metal polishing services or information on our products and services, call us today at 978-658-1121 or contact us directly on our site.

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Top 5 Qualities For Choosing The Best Metal Fab Company

Top 5 Qualities For Choosing The Best Metal Fab Company 

Choosing the right metal fabrication shop or company is very important when it comes to your next project.  It can be the difference between a good job or a great one!  Custom metal fabrication and finishing requires a deeper attention to detail and stricter processes than can be offered by any ordinary shop.  This holds true when it comes to products that are used in critical use applications, such as those in defense projects.  

When you are deciding what metal fabrication company is right for you price is an obvious consideration, but there is much more to choosing the best partner, including the following:

Workforce Capabilities

Consider how complex your metal fabrication project is and its intended use.  Not all fabricators are able to achieve extremely tight and specific demands.  Such as not all are skilled in different types of welding or working with various raw materials.  Proficiencies in these areas only come from proper training and an experienced workforce.  

Explore if they are certified properly and are up to date on the most recent protocols and machinery.  Another aspect to dive deeper into would be how they handle specifications and whether they have an agile and streamlined workforce.  One of the most important things to consider is if they are a one stop shop that can not only fabricate your metal but they have the machinery in house.  This will save you money as they will not have to hire subcontractors and charge you more for it.  

Experience in The Industry

There is more to analyze in a company’s value than just price.  Understanding the factors that go into metal fabrication costs, such as materials, labor, project complexity, documentation, and more can help you achieve the best value at a fair price.  

Begin by requesting a quote that way there are no surprises down the line.  Once you receive your quote, compare it with others, but remember to look for more than just the bottom line.  Take a deep look into the proposal and see how much detail they are offering before making a decision.  A company with higher quality standards or a faster turnaround time could save you money and a lot of headaches.  

Facilities & Equipment 

The environment in which your metal fabrication company operates can say a lot about them and their attention to detail.  If possible, consider visiting the facility in person or even a virtual tour.  Is it clean and well organized?  Observing the care they take in their facility can show you how they will handle your project.  Another aspect to look out for is a facility is how they use their technology and equipment combined with their skilled labor, this can indicate the level of quality and capabilities.  Have they invested in state of the art equipment?  

Customer Service

Every company will claim to have exceptional customer service, making it difficult to determine really how good it is.  A good way to determine this is asking for referrals.  Talking to existing customers and hearing about their experience straight from their mouth is the best way of going about it.  Ask them if any issues popped up during the process and how they were resolved.  Once you have a company that you can trust, pay attention to how responsive and willing they are to hear you out about your requests.  

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