Facilities Management & Maintenance Account Services

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Maintenance accounts are a great way to ensure that you have a dependable metal supplier/fabricator on hand when you need their services most! Whether you are a municipality or a building manager, an account can help to save time, as the fabricator most likely has your specs on standby, and can also reduce the costs associated since you have a maintenance account setup, which can greatly reduce any stress that may come from shopping around for the best price. Here are a few additional benefits when it comes to creating a maintenance account with a metal fabricator.

  • Cost
    • A maintenance account can help save a lot of money in the overall maintenance and unexpected fabrication costs.
    • The additional costs associated with a maintenance contract should pay for itself when the item needs repairs.
  • Peace of Mind
    • Maintenance contracts provide municipalities / building management with peace of mind should they need materials on the fly.
    • Ensuring that the business receives the most it can for its facility-related needs


Facilities Management

Markham Metals can work with any municipalities in the region to supply and procure the proper cuts and specs that any job might require, by working with Markham Metals you can be sure that your materials can be supplied when you need them most.

Maintenance Accounts

By creating a maintenance account you can greatly reduce the time that it might take to find a fabricator to provide the right materials for a repair job. Cut out the time working with a new fabricator when all of your desired needs can be met in house. When it is shearing, bending, cutting or more, Markham metals can assist property and building managers when comes to getting the right materials, and the right specs, on time and at the right price.

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