A closeup of a red and white ball as Christmas tree ornaments on a Christmas tree.

Holiday Applications for Metals

With how versatile and unique the properties of metals are, they lead the way for use in a wide variety of applications. Some metals are used for the plumbing in your home, while others are used for military aircraft and deep-sea submarines. Using metal in our everyday lives has become a necessity at this point! Even during the holidays, there are plenty of related applications that you can use metals in. But, what are the best holiday items for metal use? We give you some examples below!


If you live in a suburban area, take a moment at night and drive around your neighborhood. What do you see? You’ll likely see multiple front yards decked out with a plethora of Christmas lights and inflatable decorations. The holiday lights that you see around town are all possible with the power of copper! Christmas lights and other lights use copper as a main component due to its unparalleled ability to conduct electricity. You can thank copper for your front yard displays!


While the applications for aluminum are a little tinier than copper, their importance is just as great. The holiday applications that aluminum can be utilized for are a little more miscellaneous. For example, aluminum can be used as the structure and hook that keeps your Christmas ornaments on the tree. They can also be used for things like holiday cookie sheets and cookie molds. If you’ve ever baked for the holidays or decorated a tree, you’ve used aluminum before!


Believe it or not, iron also has its own uses during the holiday season. Are you one of the families that used a real tree this Christmas? If so, you’ve definitely used iron before. This is because iron is a common component of many Christmas tree stands, which work to help keep your tree upright. Iron can also be used for decorative items like potted plants, Christmas ornaments, and even the star on top of your tree. Regardless of what kind of tree you have, there’s a good chance that iron was utilized at some point on it!

Metalworking at Markham Metals

At Markham Metals, we specialize in a number of metalworking services to help bend, form, cut and shape metal into the desired specifications you need. We also carry our own in-line stock of metal sheets that are ready for whatever you need them for. If you have a metal application you’d like to use, contact us today and we’ll help you get the perfect results!

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