Decorative Wall Compasses

decorative wall compass

A decorative wall compass is a classic and timeless look, whether you are going for a nautical theme, or just looking for some direction! While truly simple in design, a decorative wall compass can add more depth, and bring added dimensions to a room or hallway. The unique circular rim contains an address of your choosing along with the exact longitude and latitude. The compass will feature your city or town name along with the four base directions. Due to the design and versatility, a decorative wall compass can be an ideal gift as it can function as a complementary piece no matter the overall style in your home. If you’re planning to give your walls some added charm, contact us for more information on how we can create a truly memorable piece. All of our products are created in house and shipped directly!

Great For Gifts Ideas & Vacation Homes

A decorative wall compass can be a great addition to any dull or lackluster wall in your home! Whether it is a gift for yourself, a family member, or a friend, it is truly something that can bring flair and deeper meaning to a special location in your life. A decorative wall compass can be a great addition for a new home, a vacation home, or even to remind you of home! We will use the address provided at the time of order, and we will create a cardinal compass with the longitude, latitude, and city/town name of that specific location!

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