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What Is Flame Cutting?markham flame cutting

Flame cutting or “burning” of carbon steel plates is an effective and efficient way to cut carbon and alloy steel plate to size and shape. Burning begins by heating a spot on the edge or surface of a plate with an oxy-fuel flame, then injects a high pressure stream of pure oxygen once the spot is red hot. Both the preheated flame and the cutting oxygen are delivered through a specially designed nozzle or tip. In the presence of the cutting oxygen stream, the red hot steel literally burns, combining with the oxygen to form iron oxides. It is this burning that cuts the plate as the stream of cutting oxygen advances along the path of the cut. The burning gives off an intense heat – greater than 2800º F – which melts steel bordering the cut path, turning it into slag that is ejected at the bottom of the cut along with the iron oxide by-products of the burning.

The Benefits of Flame Cutting Services

Utilizing flame cutting for your cutting needs offers a few benefits such as being able to do the job in a variety of locations as flame cutting does not require an electrical source of power. Flame cutting is gas operated meaning that all one needs is an oxygen tank, a torch, striker, and other necessary materials to get the job done. Flame cutting also allows users to cut through steel several feet thick!

The Downside of Flame Cutting

Given the fact that flame cutting can be done in the field, there is only so much energy that can be created to cut steel. For this reason flame cutting is normally limited to carbon steel, alloy steels, and some cast irons. Flame cutting is also a slower process than plasma cutting or waterjet cutting.

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