Metal Shearing Services in Wilmington, MA

The Metal Shearing Process

We utilize the shear to create straight, long cuts without burrs or sharp edges. The most common use of shearing is on sheet metal but the machine is also adaptable to rods, tubes, pipes, and a number of other materials. Our shear is capable of shearing plate up to 1/2" thk x 144" long.

Our Metal Shearing Services

Metal shearing is a process that is primarily used to cut metal sheets into various sizes, lengths and widths from larger sheets of metal through the use of shearing blades. The benefits of metal shearing, which is also called die cutting, includes the to ability to cut relatively small lengths of material at any given time since shearing blades can be mounted at a variety of angles to drastically reduce the necessary shearing force.

Metal shearing is an ideal option for customers who are in need custom-sized cuts or pieces of sheet metal, or in need of a quick way to size material before it moves onto other processes such as polishing or galvanizing.

What Makes Markham Metals Shearing Process Unique?

Markham Metals' shearing services are the best choice in New England. With a cutting-edge facility equipped with state-of-the-art shearing machinery, Markham Metals has the highest quality cuts for a diverse range of materials. Our team of skilled professionals, well-versed in the latest shearing techniques, consistently delivers accurate and clean cuts. Markham Metals takes pride in their customer approach, offering  solutions that address the distinct needs of clients across various industries. We guarantee that every shearing task, whether for custom fabrication or standard sizing, adheres to the Markham Metals way. When it comes to shearing services in New England, Markham Metals stands at the front, setting reliability in the region. Contact us today for all shearing services and requests. Call us at 978-658-1121 or fill out a contact form on our website. We look forward to working with you.

A worker uses a shearing machine to shear a thin piece of metal.

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Markham Metals is happy offer our metal shearing services to contractors, individuals and hobbyists! Our large and diverse steel & aluminum inventory coupled with an extensive array of in house metal processing equipment allows us to provide our customers with a level of service that is unparalleled. For questions on our metal shearing services, or for information on more of our products and services call us today at 978-658-1121 or contact us directly on our site. We are excited to start working with you to make your vision come to reality.