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Aluminum is the most abundant metallic element in Earth’s crust and the most widely used nonferrous metal. In construction purposes and applications it is the second most used metal in buildings after steel. Because of its malleability, depending on the scope of work, aluminum can be formed into many shapes, sizes, designs, and profiles to meet your current needs. Some of the most common uses of Aluminum on the job site are exterior paneling of buildings, covering large wall panels that do not require a large number of joints, roofing for halls and auditoriums, and equipment with moving pieces.

Aluminum is also a practical application for locations or environments that are not easily accessible or if they are humid or corrosive, such as offshore platforms, swimming pools, bridges, transmission/radio towers, and more! The various benefits of Aluminum result in potentially cutting costs on materials but also time-efficient installations as well.

Markham Metals offers a wide range of Aluminum products for any job type or specification:


Plate / Sheet metal is used to create structures such as a garage roof, ventilation,  walls, or storage containers.

Square Stock

Square Stock tube can be used for a variety of mechanical purposes as well as structural support.

Rod & Bar

Round bar steel long cylindrical metal bar that has many industrial and commercial applications. Round bar can be used for a variety of practices but is mainly used for jobs where exact dimensions are not a necessity.

Tube & Pipe

Aluminum pipe’s corrosion-resistant properties make it ideal for compressed air systems. This corrosive resistance can result in reduced energy costs,  better airflow, and improved air quality.

Diamond Plate

Diamond Plate goes by many names such as checker plate, and tread plate but its primary purpose serves to create additional traction.  Diamond plate steel can be utilized for bar tables, store signs, counters & toolboxes. The main appeal behind diamond plate steel is for its aesthetic look.

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