Cold-Formed Carbon Steel Products In Wilmington, MA

Cold-Formed steel is a straightforward metal forming process that greatly strengthens steel products. These products are made by rolling or pressing steel into semi-finished or finished goods at relatively low temperatures… In the construction/fabrication industry, both structural and non-structural elements are created from sheet steel.

Markham Metals offers a wide range of CF Carbon steel products for any job type or specification:

Tube & Pipe

Carbon Steel electric-resistant properties make it ideal for compressed air systems. This corrosive resistance can result in reduced energy costs,  better airflow, and improved air quality.

Rod & Bar

Round bar steel long cylindrical metal bar that has many industrial and commercial applications. Round bar can be used for a variety of practices but is mainly used for jobs where exact dimensions are not a necessity.


Plate / Sheet metal is used to create structures such as a garage roof, ventilation,  walls, or storage containers.

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The Benefits Of CF Carbon Steel

When it comes to cold formed steel, there are many advantages of utilizing this building material.  Cold formed steel (CFS) is quickly becoming the most desired building material for developers looking to maximize their rate on investment. It is stable, cost effective, durable, and architecturally flexible. Cold formed steel is actually 20% stronger than hot rolled steel. Much of the strength of CFS comes from the strain hardening that occurs as the rollers compress. An advantage CFS brings is the actual construction process.  Due to cold formed steel being light, shipping and handling is often easy. Markham Metals is the leading metal supplier in New England. Based out of Massachusetts, our loyal clients keep coming back because they love the way CF Carbon Steel holds up.

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