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Hot rolled carbon steel is a process that involves heating steel at a high temperature in order to get a specific style and shape. This heating process allows the metal to be easily

Markham Metals hot rolled carbon steel

shaped and crafted for specific jobs such as construction or laying railroad tracks. HR steel is a generally cheap and straightforward process that strengthens the steel. Hot rolled steel is great for projects that do not demand exact dimensions as the steel will shrink as it cools. This type of steel is good for general contractors as the process less time consuming and less expansive than Cold Rolled Steel.

Markham Metals offers a wide range of HR Carbon steel products for any job type or specification:


Structural steel is used to create a framework for any structure or installation.


Rebar is used primarily to support and increase structural integrity under tension.

Square Stock

Square Stock tube can be used for a variety of mechanical purposes as well as structural support.


Plate / Sheet metal is used to create structures such as a garage roof, ventilation,  walls, or storage containers.


Round bar steel long cylindrical metal bar that has many industrial and commercial applications. Round bar can be used for a variety of practices but is mainly used for jobs where exact dimensions are not a necessity.

Diamond Plate

Diamond Plate goes by many names such as checker plate, and tread plate but its primary purpose serves to create additional traction.  Diamond plate steel can be utilized for bar tables, store signs, counters & tool boxes. The main appeal behind diamond plate steel is for its aesthetic look.

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