A series of red aluminum cans laid out in straight lines.

Why Is Aluminum The Most Usable Metal?

Take a look at the items around you in the room that you’re in. What do you see? You probably see a lot of household items, office equipment, and maybe even some food containers. For every item category that we just named, aluminum has its own uses in it! Metals have a ton of practical applications, but aluminum may be the most varied and versatile out of all of them. There are many reasons why you see it everywhere you go! But, why is aluminum the most usable metal? We break it down below!


Did you know that aluminum is the most abundant metal on the periodic table? It’s actually the third most abundant element on Earth overall, only sitting behind oxygen and silicon. It should go without saying that aluminum is very easy to find! Metals that are so common are bound to have their uses throughout the various industries. However, what really sets aluminum apart doesn’t have to do with how plentiful it is – but it is a factor!

Corrosion Resistance

One of aluminum’s most useful properties is its superior resistance to corrosion. In fact, it’s more corrosion resistant than most metals out there, only being outranked by stainless steel! This corrosion resistance makes it useful for a variety of applications. For example, the Empire State Building largely used aluminum as a part of its construction. Apple has begun using aluminum for its laptops and phones. There’s also a good chance that you have aluminum silverware!

Strength + Weight

For being such a lightweight metal, aluminum boasts an insane amount of strength. This trait makes it especially helpful in the transportation industry, being used as a key component of cars, buses and trains. It can even be used to make aircraft and spacecraft components! Aluminum is also used in window frames for the same reason, as the strength allows for better insulation for your home. Aluminum’s low weight also makes it a viable option for long power lines.

Aluminum At Markham Metals

After learning about the properties of aluminum, it’s easy to see why it’s one of the most used metals on the planet. If you need that metal – or any other – worked on for your project, bring it to Markham Metals! If you can name a way to shape and form metal, there’s a great chance that we offer it as a service. We can shape and form your metal into any shape so you can put it to work for your next project. For the best metalworking services in Massachusetts, contact us today!