A corroded steel pipe. It is covered in rust and has several large cracks along the side.

The Importance Of Corrosion Resistance

The properties of metals are what make them so useful in a variety of different industries. When a metal is used for a particular purpose, it’s typically because that it has a trait that is vital to its operation. One of the most important traits that a metal can have is its ability to resist corrosion. In other words, it refers to a metal’s ability to withstand the elements. In fact, corrosion resistance is a big part of many practical metal applications! But, what exactly makes it so vital? We explain just how important it is below!

Resisting Water

Take a look around your home or apartment. Do you have running water and good plumbing? You can thank corrosion resistance for making that possible! Some metals, such as copper, are resistant to the corrosion caused by water. It makes it a popular choice for plumbing pipes. Other metals are used in marine technology for the same purpose. If these metals didn’t have their superior resistance, ocean sciences and plumbing would suffer as a result.

Resisting Electricity

Technology would be nowhere near what it is today without the corrosion resistance of different metals! Some metals are incredibly resistant to corrosion from electricity, and are also good conductors of it. Copper wiring is a staple of a lot of household electronics, and iron and stainless steel is commonly used in a lot of electrical equipment. Next time you’re using your microwave or washing machine, remind yourself that metals make it work!

Resisting Heat

Heat resistance is a rare, yet important, property of a metal. Did you know that it is actually vital for use on airplanes? Metals like tungsten are important for aerospace applications due to their fantastic heat resistances. Other applications of this use are missiles, furnaces, and aircraft turbines. You can thank corrosion for everything from air travel to home heating systems!

Metalworking at Markham Metals

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