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The Impact Metal Fab Has in the Automotive Industry

The Impact Metal Fab Has in the Automotive Industry 

If there are two industries with an intertwined history, it would be the automotive industry and the metal fabrication industry.  The automotive industry would simply not exist without metal stamping technology, and metal fabrication would not be as popular without the automotive industry.  From the start of the automotive industry to its modern state, metal fabrication has played a significant role in the vehicles that we drive around.  Let’s go over the role metal fabrication has played in the history of the automotive industry.  

Car Bodies & Frames

Throughout their entire existence, car bodies have consisted of stamped metal.  From the Ford Model T to any recent coupe, the metal fab industry has provided a valuable piece of service to the automotive industry by stamping metal sheets to provide bodies and frames of the most popular car models in the world.  While steel was the only material in car bodies for an extended period of time, aluminum has become a popular material recently due to its cost efficiency and weight reduction.  

Car Customization

Car customization and modification have been significant aspects of car culture since cars became widely available for consumers to purchase.  Whether it is slight modification, such as adding a spoiler, adding a body skirt, or even a total body rehaul.  Metal fabrication is essential to the process of any car’s body modification.  

Car Restoration 

Similarly to car customization, vintage car restoration has a big role in the car world.  Everybody loves the look of a pristine vintage car, but sometimes, replacement parts are not as easy to find.  This disparity is where metal fabrication comes into play.  With the right machinery and stamp, metal fabrication can make body parts that vintage cars lack.  Once a metal fabricator presses the vintage car’s new part, it is off to the body shop for a new paint job.  

Building Roll Cages 

Roll cages are a vital part of any race car, sporting car, or even military vehicle.  Inserting a roll cage into a car is no easy task.  Thankfully, with the use of engineering have made roll cages smaller, more effective, and easier to install.  By using metal sheets, metal fabricators can install roll cages in just about any vehicle.  A highly skilled metal fabricator will be able to install a roll cage into just about any vehicle providing the highest measures of safety possible.  

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