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The Importance of Metal Fabrication

What is metal fabrication?  Metal fabrication is the process of manipulating various metals and creating something new. The possibilities are nearly endless.  Metal fabrication is literally all around you. The computer you’re using to read this undoubtedly has metal fabricated parts, possibly even the case it’s in. Your home around you likely has beams built using fabricated steel to support the enormous weight. Metal fabrication and all it involves is an essential part of our lives and for good reason.

Wood vs. Metal

For thousands of years, humans used wood, stone, bone, or whatever they could use that was available to them. One of the things that set us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom is our ability to fabricate tools. Imagine trying to grow food without digging tools, or carry water without something to transport it in. Wood was the most plentiful, material available and as such was used to construct everything from tools to shelter to weapons. When smelting and forging of ore was discovered (early metal fabrication) the world took a different direction.  The strength, durability and availability of metal gave the human race a massive step forward.

Metal vs. Plastic

Plastics technology took over in the 1950’s and suddenly everything was plastic.  Plastics are easy, cheap, and relatively strong.  Being a chemical compound, plastics can be mass-produced like no other material, so that makes it ideal for many things.  At the time, metal fabrication was coming off a huge boom having just been used to build everything from canteens to battleships.  When plastics became widely available, suddenly heavy, bulky metal items such as coffee pots and circular saws became lighter, more colorful, and cheaper. Those everyday items became very popular and metal fabrication began to take a back seat.  As the Japanese began their rebuilding efforts after world war two they employed anything they could find as raw materials were extremely scarce.  People like Shoshiro Honda, the namesake of Honda automobiles, began to experiment with recycled fuel cans and any other scrap metals they could find.  Metal fabrication was about to get a big boost.  The recycling discoveries made during this time are still in use today.  We don’t have to understand the actual processes of metal fabrication to use it in our daily lives, but it doesn’t hurt to appreciate the technology that allows us to live in tall buildings, drive a car, or even eat with a fork.

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