A small rock of scandium on a gray surface. Scandium is one of the metals in the alloy aluminum-scandium

The Rarest Metal Alloys

Need to make a metal stronger and have more effective applications? Simply combine it with another element! Metal alloys have helped to expand our capabilities in the field, with many of them being the building blocks for how our society functions today. Every metal alloy has a distinct purpose as to why it was created, so what about those alloys that aren’t as widespread? What are the rarest metal alloys out there, and what are they used for? We give you some insight below!


By itself, scandium is considered to be one of the rarest metals on Earth. However, it has fairly unique properties that make it useful! When combined with the much more common element in aluminum, you get aluminum-scandium. This new metal alloy makes the aluminum much stronger, more resistant to corrosion, and harder. It’s become useful for applications in space as well as shipbuilding and nuclear energy applications. While it may be rare, it’s certainly important!


Like scandium, lutetium falls into the category of rare Earth metals. However, it’s a bit more common than you might think! Because the properties of lutetium are remarkably similar to those of silver, lutetium is used to make the silver-lutetium alloy. While it doesn’t have a ton of practical applications, it does have a purpose. Believe it or not, sometimes lutetium is more easily found than silver! The alloy is created to serve the same purpose. Your silver may be an alloy without you knowing!


Gadolinium is a curious element because of the things that it can do. By itself, it’s main use is in the medical field to help with routines such as X-ray scans. But, once a little of this silvery metal is alloyed with other metals, it can greatly improve its functionality. Even 1% of gadolinium can do wonders for iron’s workability! If you can name a property of iron, gadolinium can enhance it when the two are alloyed together. This makes it useful for applications such as building materials and home appliances.

Metalworking at Markham Metals

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