Uses & Benefits of Metal Shearing

Metal shearing is a sheet metal cutting technique that allows the metal to be cut to size out of a much larger flat sheet or roll. This process has proven advantageous to those in the industry. If you’re curious to know why, keep reading for all the information you need on metal shearing

Types and Uses

There are lots of different types of metal shearing that are useful for various applications. Here are the most common types:

  • Aligator or Lever Shear. This type of shear uses a hydraulic cylinder or flywheel-powered jaw, much like an alligator’s bite. This is particularly useful for cutting scrap or in applications where complete accuracy isn’t necessary.
  • Bench Shear. This shear is mostly used for creating rough shapes but isn’t designed for detailed work.
  • Also called the squaring shear or power shear, the guillotine is usually powered by foot or hydraulics. It is excellent for working with aluminum, bronze, brass, and mild steel, but not so much with stainless steel.
  • Power Shear. This type of sheer is a hand tool useful for cutting substantial pieces of sheet metal. In projects where straight lines are required, this is an ideal choice. More powerful versions of this pneumatically-powered shear can cut up to 12 gauge sheet metal.
  • Throatless Shear. The throatless shear is perfect for more intricate metal cutting. It is relatively small, and the sheet metal can be moved around the blade to focus cuts on any side. It’s also capable of making straight or curved cuts into the metal.

Benefits of Metal Shearing

Unlike other metal-cutting methods, shearing provides a more accurate cut to a flat sheet of metal. The control and power are unparalleled, so the work is quick and relatively easy. And depending on the type of shear you use, you’ll be able to get even more intricate shaping done as your project requires. And unlike other cutting techniques that rely on heat, your metal will experience no melting or burning. There will also be less material loss during the processing.

Shears are also quite durable and can put out large volumes of cut metal without failing. The process is also very fast, so less time needs to be spent on the cutting process itself.

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