A closeup of the metal bending machine that Markham Metals uses.

When To Use Metal Bending

With so many different ways you can shape and cut metal into the designs that you want, it might be difficult to determine what strategy to use to achieve your desired result. The process of metal bending is no exception to this rule! Metal bending has a variety of different uses and applications that are the ideal choice for certain projects. If you’re unsure of whether or not to take advantage of these services, we’ll show you when the best time is for their use!


Copper is a common metal used in the process of making pipes. In order to get the pipes into the cylinder shape required for their assembly, metal bending has to be used! It’s a quick and easy way to shape pipes into the desired pathways needed to run smoothly throughout the location they’re applied to.

Automobile and Aircraft Panels

Sheet metal is often fashioned into the panels we see on commercial airplanes and vehicles. In order for it to achieve the desired shapes and complications, metal bending is one of the best techniques to use. Every panel has to fit perfectly within the others in order for it to be structurally sound, and metal bending has the precision to accomplish this!

Construction Purposes

Metal bending serves a variety of different purposes in the construction industry. One of the most common uses for them is the formation of carbon alloys, which are often used to improve the strength of a building’s structure. Steel beams are another common construction piece that utilizes metal bending. If you’ve ever seen a commercial building in a city, you’ll know that steel beams are widely used!


Did you know that metal bending is even used for the handrails seen in everyday public locations? Brass is a relatively common metal used in these devices, and metal bending is part of the process that allows it to take its final shape. As it turns out, a lot of ordinary items utilize metal bending in order to be effective.

Contact Markham Metals for Your Metalworking Needs

At Markham Metals, we specialize in a number of different metalworking processes to meet all of your metal needs. Have some metal that you need bent? Our expert team specializes in that, too! We don’t just know all things metal; we carry metal products as well! We ship metals all over New England, a region that we are proud to offer our services to. If you have a metalworking job you need done, contact us today to receive a free quote.

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